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Johannes Norlander Arkitektur, « House Tumle » in Gothenburg – 2010

Private house located on the top of a hill overviewing the Atlantic archipelago. Cladding in black corrugated metal sheeting.

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Terry Dodson, « Black Cat » comic art – 2011

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Blood For Blood, « Wasted Youth Crew » from the album « Revenge On Society » – 1998

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Duesenberg, « Model J » – 1931

Duesenberg was an Auburn, Indiana based American luxury automobile company active in various forms from 1913 to 1937, most famous for its high-quality passenger cars and record-breaking racing cars.

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Brixton, « Oath » wool cap – 2011

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Malleus, « Eating Men » – acrylic on canvas – 2009

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Black rat in the backyard

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Parker, « Premier Black Edition » fountain pen – 2011

This pen is craftsmanship at its finest, using innovative materials and treatments. It has success written into its DNA. The black finish accented with rich matt contrasts is the symbol of a resolutely modern instrument, for exemplary writing excellence – via The Pen Shop

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Xubor, « Badass Lego Guns » book – 2011

Xubor is a guy from Germany who spends hours and hours constructing « Lego » guns. We’re not talking about blocks shaped like guns, but real projectile firing builds (non-lethal).

Anyway, « Badass Lego Guns » book is packed with building instructions for five impressive looking weapons built entirely from « Lego Technic » parts. In this heavily illustrated four-color book, you learn how to use « Lego » pieces to build working model guns like the Warbeast, a sophisticated, fully-automatic submachine gun – Parabella, a semi-automatic pistol – Thriller, a slide action crossbow pistol with smooth cocking and chambering mechanisms and the Magic Moth, a simple butterfly knife built also with pieces.

Who said that toys are made only for little brats ?

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Teen Angel, « Boyhood Dreams » – 1950

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Rise of the pin-up
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